The key for client success in EI skill development after their assessment(s) is the ability to incorporate greater use of the desired EI skill into their day.  The most important element to development in a skill is that development is linked to accomplishing a specific goal. To that end we have developed proprietary Emotional Intelligence Growth Graphs ™ based on proven EI skill strategies that are an easy to use and powerful tool for skill development. 
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How To Use:  Use an EI growth graph to strengthen an emotional intelligence skill with the assistance of an accountability partner. Write in your EQ-i 2.0 Report Development Plan Section a list of up to 3 potential positive impacts of increasing your usage of this skill. This graph is for a 6 month period with scoring every week for the first 2 months and then bi-weekly. Repetition and accountability are vital to improving your skill. The graph will aid in your focus, commitment, and development. Upon completion of the graph one should see a growth in the use of the EI skill.
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EI Growth Graph Benefits to Client:
  • Skill Improvement:  Client lists up to 3 potential positive impacts of increasing the EI Skill on the back of their graph or in the Development Plan Section of their EQ-i 2.0 Report.  This helps validate continued coaching and the benefits to improving the skill.
  • Accountability:  Helps strengthen commitment to develop.  Weekly and Bi-weekly tracking.
  • Repetition:  Creating new habits or patterns of reactions to stimuli and managing emotions
  • Simple Strategies: 5 Strategies for each EI Subscale based on EQi 2.0 Workplace Development Report & THE EQ EDGE book
  • Visual:  Client views results of practice immediately
  • Assessment:  Graphs are for 6 month period, ideal time to retake EQ-i 2.0 Assessment
EI Growth Graph Benefits to Coach:
  • Simple and easy to use tool for your client:  Each graph is one page and does not overwhelm clients or inundate them with information. 
  • Personalized:  with your Company Logo
  • 15 Graphs:  There’s a graph for each Emotional Intelligence Skill.  It is recommended that only two skills be worked on during a development period.
  • Strategies:  The wording may be modified to meet your client’s industry or coaching needs.

Suggestions for use:
1 to 1 EQ-i Review Session with continuing Coaching: 
  • ​We recommend that at the end of your EQ-i review with your client that you give them a few days to digest their review and go through their EQ-i Report in detail to determine which skill or skills (no more than 2) would best assist them in accomplishing the benefits they identified during their review. Once the client has let you know which skills they would like to develop email the graphs for each of the skills to your client and schedule a coaching session.  On the next coaching session review the graphs and how they can begin to implement the strategies from the graphs into their week. Possibly identify specific people or situations (personal or professional) where they could immediately use the strategies.  The accountability aspect will have you connecting with your client once a week for the first 2 months and then every other week for the remaining 4 months.  Remember that depending on the frequency of use of the skill some clients may see progress quicker than others and the 6 months is a recommend reassessment time frame however if they are seeing quick progress it’s possible to have them reassess as early as 3 months (but no sooner).
1 to 1 EQ-i Review Session with no continued coaching (client will use the skills with a different accountability partner):
  • Have the client identify their 1 or 2 most important benefits/goals of developing their EI. Ask the client which of the 1 or 2 skills they’d like to develop to assist in accomplishing the benefits/goals and let them know you will email them to the client immediately after the call.  Ask if they are willing to share with you who their accountability partner will be. Let the client know you will touch base with them at the 3 & 6 month mark to see how they are progressing and if they are ready for reassessment.
Corporate EI Workshop:
  • Ask your client point of contact if they are open to using you for 1 to 1 follow up coaching with their employees (after the EI workshop) or if they would prefer the employees to have a self-directed development program ( but still using an accountability partner for the graphs). Review the process of using the EI growth graphs in the Workshop and ask all participants to identify their accountability partner (write the name in their EQ-i report or on a sample growth graph if you provide a workbook. Based on prior coordination with your client point of contact either the employees will contact you directly or if prearranged you can give all the graphs to your client point of contact for email distribution to their employees so the point of contact can monitor their progress. Adivse client of potential reassessment in 3-6 months.
Pricing & Customization:
If you would like to add these graphs to your Coaching tool kit we will personalize each of them with your company Logo.  We charge $25 for each EI Growth Graph or you may purchase them all and receive one of them for free.  The total for all 15 EI Growth Graphs is $350.  We accept the following credit cards:  Visa, AMEX, MasterCard, Discover and a debit card as credit. 

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